Ashes To Diamonds- The Best Memory One Can Have Of Their Loved Ones

Ashes To Diamonds

Death Is a universal truth and a exact one. Every person being goes through utter sadness and emptiness whenever they get rid of their nearest and dearest. It’s actually a loss that can never be paid or brought backagain. But, ashes to diamonds certainly are an exemplary way to continue to keep your nearest and dearest with yourself when they have left the world. It is an extremely attractive and stunning memory card filled with emotions this one can stay together with them.

How Does it work?

Even the Human body includes electrons in an enormous volume. After the procedure is done, just 1% to five% of it might be recovered by the ash. The Procedure for ashes to diamonds includes of a few steps that are listed below:

• Submission package – your client is required to submit an application of their nearest and dearest in a security kit which can preserve its components to get quite a long moment.

• Carbon Purification- as previously mentioned earlierthe carbon dioxide is regained from the ashes very attentively. It’s then purified and saved. It requires sometime to get this particular measure to complete.

• Diamond expansion – Diamonds have been made by those carbon factors through a natural diamond growing process within an atmosphere of 900 degrees Celsius of fever.

• Diamond Cutting- The diamond is then given a flawless contour throughout the outer treatment.

• Coloration and grading- This makes the bead seem stunning as it adds colour and glow into the already beautiful diamond.

• Diamond Setting- The bead is put at the necklace or jewellery requested by your client.

Posted on July 18, 2020